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The company has discovered that the outwear could be both waterproof and breathable at the same time, it has began its work and is expected to introduce its development in the 2nd quater of 2008. All products in this collection has been developed to be tested to meet specific performance criteria as well as outdoor activities.
FabricsLab fabrics 1 Layer

The FabricsLab 1 layer fabric is produced due to the demand for a soft and lighter fabrics.

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FabricsLab has revolutionized the performance of fabrics by controlling the moisture throughunique material, structures, and advanced coatings technology.

The softest and lightest FabricsLab 1-layer fabric is with a simplest construction, with functionalities of waterproof and breathability.

As being the softest and lightest outer shell product, it can be used according to activity and individual needs.

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