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FabricsLab is a leading manufacturer of advanced technology fabrics for the consumer and industrial markets. The company is headquartered in Taoyuan city. Der Cean Inc., a pioneer in the development of fabrics and a business partner of FabricsLab, develops new technologies and manufactures of diversified FabricsLab products in the consumer and industrial fields. FabricsLab manufactures fabrics in a facility is in Taoyuan county. The Taoyuan facility is also licensed to make certain consumer and industrial fabrics.


The FabricsLab Wearable, Industrial and Innovative collections are designed to be the highest quality in its field and the most revolutionary in its effect. Light, thin, stretchable and techno-colored fabrics with high functionality provide the key elements to the performance of the FabricsLab products in the area of consumer markets. And it has also revolutionized the performance of fabrics by successfully combining its in-depth technological know-how of machinery, production procedures and advanced adhesives, coatings and fabric finishes to innovate and explore the new territory with its customers.



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