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The FabricsLab Wearable Collection

The collection offers high functionality and high quality fabrics for customers in the areas of Active-wear, Intimate-wear, Swim-wear and Ready-to-wear and is custom-made to build in a garment concept. All products in the collection can be tested to meet the customer performance standards.

According to the end use, the collection contains a variety of materials and textures,comes in either circular or warp knit. Fabrics made of filament fiber, stable fiber and its blends are adopted in this collection. Light, thin, stretchable and techno-colored fabrics provide the elements to the performance of FabricsLab fabrics.Combines with functionality, FabricsLab applies its expertise in technology with in-depth technological know-how of advanced adhesives, coatings, fabric finishes to ensure a more durable and high-performance garment to be made by our customers.
Filament Fiber Fabrics in this Collection Include:

Nylon 6 and 66 Family (TACTEL, Supplex, Meryl, Aquator)
Polyester Family (Cationic Yarn, Full Dull, Semi Dull, FOY)
0% to High percentage of Spandex content, normal to finer Spandex (40's to 20's)
Normal to Microfibers (Nylon 70D/68F to Nylon 140D/136F; Polyester 75D/72F to 50D/72F )

Stable Fiber Fabrics in this Collection Include:

Tencel, Rayon, Modal Rayon, Blended Stable Fibers
0% to High percentage of Spandex content, normal or finer Spandex (40’s to 20’s)

Functional Fabrics in this Collection Include:
Antibacterial Fabrics

The antibacterial function could be applied in the areas of consumer and industrial areas, such as sports wear, intimate wear, swim wear, ready-to-wear, working uniforms, .....

Electromagnetic Shielding Fabrics

Electromagnetic Shielding Fabrics help prevent rays of cellular phones, computers, microwave ovens and many other electronic devices that release electromagnetic waves from the human body....

Moisture Transferring and Quick Drying Fabrics

Fabrics achieve Quick Drying function (absorption of moisture and perspiration) through specially-shaped cross sections fibers, weave design or moisture-absorbent additives.....

Ultraviolet Protective Fabrics

Fabrics with Ultraviolet Protective function provide protection as heat shelters and heat insulators that help prevent UV penetration from human body...

Anti-fungal Fabrics

Fabrics that have Anti-fungal function help protect human skin from infection by suppressing the growth of fungus and protect human skin...


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